Sabak Bernam District Council
(faithful and wise)


The Sabak Bernam District Council (MDSB) is among of the 12 Local Authorities throughout the state of Selangor Darul Ehsan. The Sabak Bernam Local Authority was first known as the Sabak Bernam District Council in 1977. Before MDSB was declared as a District Council, the local authority for the Sabak Bernam district was known as the Local Council and Municipal Authority. The jurisdiction of the council covers the following areas :-

  • The Sekinchan Local Council
  • The Sungai Besar Local Council
  • The Sungai Air Tawar Local Council,and
  • The Sabak Bernam Municipal Authority

The declaration of MDSB in 1977 had therefore abolished the administration of the 3 local councils and an municipal authority which furthermore covered the following areas:-

  • The Sekinchan Town
  • The Sungai Besar Town
  • The Sabak Bernam Town
  • The Bagan Terap Town
  • The Sungai Haji Dorani Town
  • The Sungai Nibong Town
  • The Simpang Lima Town
  • Kg. Kian Sit (Sekinchan Site ‘A’)
  • The Parit Baru Town
  • The Sungai Air Tawar Town
  • The Pasir Panjang Town
  • The Bagan Nakhoda Omar Town


  1. To provide municipal services to the public.
  2. To create a beautiful, clean and attractive municipal environment.
  3. To ensure an orderly and organised town planning and development control system.
  4. To superviseand maintain the public and recreational amenities.
  5. To nurture unity among the diverse races while creating a responsible and civic-conscious community.


Quality Policies

  1. To ensure that all State Government directives and policies are executed promptly to ensure that the objectives are met.
  2. To be always ready to serve and rectify the weaknesses based on public complaints relating to matters concerning the services and administration of the Council.
  3. Willing to accept constructive criticism and ideas from all parties for the mutual benefit of the local community and Council administration.

Administrative and Management System

There exist 11 Departments and 5 main Units aiding for the Management and Administrative system of the Sabak Bernam District Council.

A) Divisions:-

  1. Human Resource Management and Administration Division
  2. Public Relations Division
  3. Legal and Enforcement Division
  4. Finance and Revenue Division
  5. Valuation and Investment Division
  6. Engineering Division
  7. Building Control Division
  8. Environmental Health Division
  9. Hawkers Licensing and Management Division
  10. Town Planning and Landscape Division
  11. Information Technology Division

B) Units:-

  1. One Stop Centre Unit (OSC))
  2. Fast Action Unit (UTC)
  3. Electrical Unit
  4. Maintenance Unit
  5. Logistics Unit


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