The State of Selangor Emblem

This emblem is situated at the upper part of the MBSB logo. It signifies that the Sabak Bernam District Council and the District of Sabak Bernam are situated in the State of Selangor Darul Ehsan. Hence, indirectly all development plans and activity along with any programs that are conducted are subjected under and has to comply with the policies and guidelines stated by the Selangor State Government.

Paddy Stalk and Seed

This symbol can be found circulating the MDSB logo. This shows that the District of Sabak Bernam uses agricultural landuse meant for the paddy fields as the activity of paddy plantation is the main source of economy for the people living in the district.

Wheel Symbol

This shows that MDSB takes deep consideration of technological changes while planning and generating development for the whole district of Sabak Bernam. Apart from that, this also goes to show that the district of Sabak Bernam plays an administrative role for its people.

Factory Symbol

This shows that even though agriculture is the main activity and landuse in the district of Sabak Bernam, the Council does not neglect the industrial sector in the agenda of development planning.

Red and Yellow Background

This symbolizes the official colours of the State of Selangor which are red and yellow.

House Symbol

This signifies the jurisdiction of the MDSB in providing comfortable and livable housing areas or neighbourhood, especially for residential areas for the people in the Sabak Bernam District.

Vegetation Symbol

This shows that the MDSB authorities will do their utmost best to preserve and conserve the flora and fauna as well as other natural resources parallel with the planning and progress developed in the District of Sabak Bernam

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