Bagan Nakhoda Omar Recreational Centre (BNO)

The Bagan Nakhoda Omar Recreational Centre is situated at the Bagan Nakhoda Omar beach is one of the recreational facilities that are developed by the government to attract tourists to visit this district. It has become a favourite destination among those who love to enjoy the beauty of the beach as a part of nature.

This 17.11 acres wide recreational centre is equipped with facilities such as surau and a food court. It has become one of the factors why visitors come, as to taste the tastiness of the dishes that are served here. Coupled artistic landscape that decorates the environment pf the recreational park, it becomes one of the focus that attracts people here.

Also, the jetty to Kelong is located within this area. It has made the Bagan Nakhoda Omar Recreational Centre a tourists spot in this district.

A landscape garden is also built to beautify the view to as a pulling power to attract more tourists here. From the centre’s beach, the spectacular view of the setting sun, flora and fauna such as the many species of birds that migrate here during the seasons as their stopover destination, can be seen.

Kemaskini Terakhir: Friday, 2 June 2023 - 12:05pm